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Episode One 


In this episode some friends and I explore the wonderful little town of Dripping Springs, Texas. I pick up my friend Monique Cortez and we head out of Austin for our cooking vacation in Dripping Springs. We arrive at Juniper Hills Farm, the B&B we'll be staying at for the weekend. Our friend Amanda is already there... in full relaxation mode! Monique heads into town to meet some more friends at the Distillery at Deep Eddy Vodka for the evening.

The next morning Monique takes a cooking class from Sibby Barrett of Onion Creek Kitchens and has a great time whipping up some delicious soups and breads. In the meantime, I head across town to Pure Luck Farms, where I get fully into the cheese making process... and come away with a delicious goat feta. Yum!

On our final day in town we wander around the town... and wish we had more time to spend here!

Please join us for this edible exploration of Dripping Springs, Texas! 

Click on the photos to watch the full episode or to visit the places highlighted in the show

click here for more information about things to do in Dripping Springs
Please follow the lovely Monique Cortez on Twitter! She's one talented actress!



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